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Valedictorian Profile: Brylle Bae


{Written by: Aurelio Banzon}

It is no secret that university life is not easy to survive with all the papers, presentations, quizzes and exams that we have to do. Indeed, balancing academics and extracurricular activities can be very frustrating. However, surviving a hell week is definitely a fulfillment for all university students. At some point in our academic lives, we struggle to meet the requirements while trying to keep our sanity intact and the 2016 batch valedictorian is no exception.

Brylle Bae, a graduate of the BS Applied Mathematics Program, has been through a lot of challenges that a typical college student faces throughout his time in the university such as balancing academics with co-curricular activities and facing the congested Metro Manila traffic on the way to and back from school. In addition, there were also unfathomable labyrinths such as the rare and incurable syndrome he contracted fourteen years ago and the miracle leaving him with another chance to live with some limitations. Nevertheless, he moved forward no matter how difficult the obstacles were. Without his incessant strength and unending faith, graduating as Magna Cum Laude and Batch Valedictorian would be impossible feat for him. Success isn’t just a result; rather, it is a process. From that, we can say that Brylle’s story isn’t defined by his achievements, but by what he has become and learned during the process of unfolding his path as a human person.
What makes Brylle remarkable is his humility and warmth towards everyone. It is not everyday that we encounter someone like him who’s brilliant in mind and in personality. One of the reasons he went to UA&P is his belief in its mission of holistic human development. Because he noticed that the world is producing so many human calculators who work like robots, Brylle Bae didn’t want to be a part of the bandwagon. According to him, it is important to learn how to make grounded decisions in whatever we do and he credits his alma mater for granting him the means to achieve his development. He didn’t take all the opportunities for granted, rather, he made the most out of them. Starting with the goal of being a Dean’s Lister for once in his life to earning a spot on the President’s List, we could learn a thing or two from this man who surely has a relentless passion for learning.