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Unitas Awards: Ushering in 50 Years of UNITAS

This year’s Unitas Awards, held in the Li Seng Giap Auditorium, celebrated the exemplary performance of various organizations and individuals. Spearheaded by the Project Management Team, arm of the University Student Government and in partnership with the Center for Student Affairs, the Unitas Awards is an annual awarding ceremony recognizing the co-curricular achievements of the students, organizations, and sports varsities. The awardees were given either a dragon statue or a medal, both symbolizing the untiring efforts of students in balancing both their academics and their co-curricular activities.

With its theme throwing back to the time before CRC’s founding years in the late 1960’s, the Unitas Awards paved the way to UA&P’s upcoming 50 year Golden Jubilee Anniversary this coming Tuesday.  The fully-packed LSG was lit up by energetic hosts and an even more lively crowd bellowing cheers and chanting the spiel “Stay Gold, Unitas!” The much awaited annual awards night reflects how the university’s student community has remained actively committed to embodying our core value of UNITAS!

Congratulations to the recipients of the following distinguished awards:

The different varsity teams’ recipients of Rookie of the Year award were Zach Chuidan, Angelica Capulong, Chrishia Ann Cocjin, Rodney Villaruel, Misha Herrera, Ariadne Umali, Dominic Ganas, Razel Cabatuando, Severino De Castro, Nicole Gonzaga, Tatiana Lopez, and Chiara Viel.

The Most Improved Players were Miggy Saluta, Inah Trivino, Raphael Chua, Angelica Palisoc, Philip Zeta, Vanessa Heald, Luis Cacho, Drew Rabadon, Diego Gutierrez, Maria Isabel Rada, Zion Yuson, Pauline Bautista, and Ana Monica Halili.

The next award presented for varsity team members was the ‘Team Egg Head’ award. These are students who have attained the highest general weighted average in their respective teams. These students were Rafael Morales, Eunice Dy, Raphael Chua, Chrishia Cocjin, Justin Van Rivera, Janina Fuentes, Luis Antonio Alvarez, Sarrah Marie Costan, Joselle Titus Bautista, Denise Lachaona, Jules Cyber Cruz, and Maria Janica Ecleo. Lastly, the Egg Head Team was bagged by the UA&P Chorale.

What came after was the awarding of the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award in each varsity teams. They were namely Duane Gomez for Squadra, Sailah Guerra for Women’s Table Tennis, Jose Maria Peteza Jr. for Men’s Table Tennis, Syrisse Evangelista for Women’s Volleyball, Vince Celestial and Justin Rivera for Men’s Volleyball, Charles Ignacio  for Women’s Futsal, Lorenzo Hermosa for Men’s Futsal, Katherine Gatmaitan for Women’s Basketball, Josemaria Navarro for Men’s Basketball, Maria Jimenez for Firestarters, Sean Limzon for Chorale, and Rouel Bundoc for Drumline. The ’Team of the Year’ award was given to Squadra and Men’s Futsal who were led by JJ San Juan and Coach Chris Dominguez. The ‘Dragon of the Year’ award was given to Lorenzo Hermosa of the Men’s Futsal Team. For the clubs, the Budo Club was awarded as the most improved club and the Powerlifting Club won for the Best Performing Club.

Service Awards were also given to students who have served well in the different university arms. The awardees for Junior Marketing Communications were Lia Daus, Alyssa Barretto, and Brian Sese. For the Junior Networkers Society, they were Catherine Faith Lee, Reesa Marasigan, and Michelle Garcia. Kim Soberano, Danielle Soto, and Sabrina Semon were the awardees for Media Management Committee.  Shayne Ang, Toby Mapa, and Pocholo Apad were awarded for Merchandising Committee. Kyla Sanchez, Isabel Galang, and Roshan Uttamchandani were the awardees for Project Management Team. Lastly, Maria Arbilo, Sara Nuguid, and Victor Morana won for the  Peer Facilitators.   

The next set of awards were given to the different student organizations. ‘Sabio BIGGKAS (Isip) Outreach Tutorials’ won the Outreach Project of the Year, Catalyst’s ‘I Lead to Change’ won the Project of the Year for Civics Organizations and ‘One love’ of Reverb as the Project of the Year for Arts Organizations. Project Head of the Year awards were given to Seleen Simora, Albert Ladao, Reesa Marasigan, and Ray Santiago. For the academic orgs, ‘Ambisyon’ of BEA won the Project of the Year and the ‘Pecha Kucha Battle’ of Communitas won the Promotional Campaign of the Year.

The awards for the Moderator of the Year and Organization President of the Year were from Pharos, Ms. Concha Dela Cruz and Angela Magalong. Alyssa Castillo of Catalyst won the organization member of the year. Surprisingly, there were two recipients for most outstanding organization of the year: Reverb and Pharos.       

The ‘Unitas Award for Excellence’ which is arguably the most prestigious award was given to Mr. Allen Fernandez, a 5th year Industrial Economics student who has been outstanding in both his academics and co-curricular activities.

What came as a pleasant surprise during the evening was the intermission number from the host themselves, Alyssa Barretto and Jose Palabyab. They graciously danced to the tunes of the Classic Hollywood which made the crowd feel even more like they were back in the ballroom swing era. Not only are they excellent in hosting but in dancing as well; they truly exemplified what a well-rounded dragon should be.


Alyssa Barretto and Jose Palabyab, the hosts for the night (Photo taken by Arlo Perlada)

The Unitas Awards served both as an annual awards night that acknowledged deserving students who excelled in their co-curricular work  and an avenue for the turn-over ceremony of the University Student Government officers for this academic year. This year’s set of officers consists of Emilio Tuason from the School of Communication, Gianen Cervales for the School of Sciences and Engineering, Gabriel Oreta for the School of Economics, Michelle Garcia from the School of Education, Miguel Tan from the School of Management, Xerxes Hibanada from the School of Law and Governance, and Janina Fuentes for the College of Arts and Sciences.


Oath-taking of the USG for A.Y. 2017-2018 (Photo taken by Arlo Perlada)

After looking into the past and then the present, it’s time to look forward to the future of UA&P from the words of our outstanding dragons themselves.


Mio Tuason, USG President for A.Y. 2017-2018 (Photo taken by Arlo Perlada)

‘For us, Jubilee-USG officers, we see this 50th year anniversary as an opportunity to further forward the message of UNITAS across the different units of this University. This Jubilee Year is indeed a milestone in which we realize how far we’ve gone as an institution and how much farther we can go. This then becomes a very positive challenge for this year’s golden administration as we take part in writing the first chapter of our next 50 years and beyond. #StayGold

We envision a more independent and pro-active USG that fosters formative student-centered collaborations by providing student-oriented opportunities, cultivating a community-oriented environment, and promoting a more inclusive and transparent office. Having said our vision-mission for this academic year, we believe that this is a more collaborative approach in which we call for a collective effort’. –Mio Tuason


Luigi Ampil, President of Reverb (Photo taken by Arlo Perlada)

‘I don’t really think about how I feel as an individual because it’s an award that involves the whole organization. Winning Organization of the Year was very fulfilling for the team as it was the first time for Reverb. Coming from last year where we did not get nominated at all, to this year getting recognized and garnering 2 of the major awards made it much more memorable. What even made it sweeter was that we were celebrating this achievement alongside the University’s Golden Jubilee Year celebration. I guess as president all I can say is that I’m very thankful to work with people who share the same strong passion for music and the same goal which is to bring the UA&P community closer through our art’. -Luigi Ampil


Allen Fernandez, a 5th year student under the Industrial Economics Program who received the ‘Unitas Award for Excellence’ (Photo taken by Arlo Perlada)

‘This award is a testament to the fact that unity of life is not something that is out of this world, but is something that is achievable with perseverance and great effort. Many believe that we must choose between academics and extracurricular activities as one eats up precious time. However, we must realize that when seen through the perspective of service to others, these seemingly incompatible aspects of student life can actually be unified. We study, compete, and perform so we can be of service to the university and to our country. I am extremely proud to have won the award and be a part of that testament especially with UA&P celebrating its 50th Year of exemplary service’. –Allen Fernandez

Find out more about UA&P’s 50 year-long history and what’s in store for us in the next half century as we formally open the celebration for the 50 incredible years of Unitas this Tuesday, August 15!  And remember, #StayGold!