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UA&P vs SBCA Draw in 48th WNCAA Futsal Tournament

Words by: Gino Pinga

September 10 was a calm Sunday in UA&P. Gates were closed. There were no classes and the campus grounds were devoid of life. However, the PSB was clobbered with chanting echoes that can be heard endlessly along the streets of Escriva and Pearl Drive.

It was the 48th WNCAA Futsal Tournament. The indoor soccer games started 10am with the first game between La Salle College Antipolo (LSCA) and San Juan Soccer Club (SJSC). It was an overwhelming win in favor of LSCA (13 – 0). The following games were San Beda College Alabang (SBCA) vs Miriam College (MC) with a score of 1 – 7, Poveda vs Saint Paul College Pasig (SPCP) with a score of 1 – 1, Assumption College San Lorenzo (ACSL) vs De La Salle Zobel (DLSZ ) with a score of 1 – 2 , and Philippine Women’s University (PWU) vs Assumption with a score of 1 – 0.

The much awaited match-up of the afternoon came at 3 PM which was the game between University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) and San Beda College Alabang (SBCA). The first quarter of the futsal game was a stale beginning since both teams kept on getting the ball out of bounds. 2 nd quarter started with a surprising advance by Pau Piedad against the defensive end of San Beda. In spite of this, the ball failed to reach it’s mark. There were countless attempts made by both teams leading to contested possessions, corner kicks, and goal kicks. The following quarters were met with great tension. All striking attempts were inches away from the goal area and the goalkeepers were at their prime. Our fellow Dragons made the best they can against San Beda’s opposition. In the end, the score was 0 – 0. This was the first of the many games of UA&P’s Lady dragons. Much more is yet to come the for the following games of the Futsal Team.

Erratum: In the fifth sentence of the third paragraph, instead of ‘it’s’ it should have been ‘its’ and in the preceding sentence, it should have started with the word ‘second’ instead of second.

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