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The Story of Yugto


In the UA&P arts-oriented organization community, people’s ideas and emotions are expressed through different artistic mediums such as dance, music, and theater. Anyone who is an actor, a director, a dancer, or a musician has an outlet of expression and a second home within those orgs. But, what about the film enthusiasts and filmmakers who want to tell their stories?

Those were the thoughts of a group of MEM students who later became the founding members of the newly-established film org, Yugto. Despite the different preferences of artistic outlets, they realized that all MEM students had one thing in common—they loved telling stories. They wanted to tell and capture ordinary yet extraordinary stories that they believe are overlooked by most people. With the intention of finding a second home where they could express themselves and their ideas through film, the founding group thought of establishing a film enthusiast org in the first semester of last year. The following semester, they met people from other courses who shared the same sentiments as they did. From there, they gathered UA&P film enthusiasts through social media and the group eventually evolved to Yugto.

People may ask, what does their name mean and what does it stand for? Did the founding members choose the name because it sounds cool? Partly—they chose  the name because it sounded cool. However, what many people do not know is that yugto is a Tagalog word for ‘act’ or is a significant part of a story with a unifying theme. With that in mind, the founding members believe that their org name serves as a metaphor that everyone is part of a bigger story, with the org being a part of it and its members comprising its chapters.

In line with this metaphor, what people do not realize is that they are part of this bigger picture called life. Indeed, life is composed of stories—the small meaningful moments, the overwhelming experiences—that are normally overlooked or forgotten in the passage of time. These stories are chapters that add up to make a colorful picture with different perspectives and different stages with learning experiences that we need to cherish. Everybody is a part of something with a role to play and a story to tell. It is up to people to take up their parts and to start exploring and partaking in this network of life.

Photo taken from Yugto’s official FB page