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On January 31 Tuesday,  the University Student Government of UA&P hosted Talumpati at Study Hall B.

Talumpati was held in line the USG’s promise to offer transparency and accountability to the University. The format of the event follows that of a SONA in which the president relays the accomplishments of the present administration and talks about the current condition of the nation, but in this case, the University. In this event, Mich Sianghio School of Economics representative and USG President gave a speech which fulfilled this.

(c) Elijah Gabalda

According to Sianghio, it was through the various implemented projects of the USG, the importance given on policy making and the improved efficiency of communication between the USG and the students that the USG fulfilled their promises of continuity and sustainability in projects, a more intensive support for student organizations and a more open relationship with the student body. Some good news were relayed during Talumpati and upon hearing such, the students present during the event were elated. These include first, the approval to make CAS garden a venue for student activities and second, the revision of the criteria on who can qualify for the dean’s list. On behalf of the USG, Mich extended her gratitude to the Management Committee, AFM, and the students for the help and support which made all these possible and she continues to ask for the continued support and cooperation of all: “Although we have succeeded in doing projects, in creating policies, and in starting a new version of the USG, it is still not enough. We are yet to achieve our mission to promote an effective relationship between USG and the students; to foster external linkages to society; and to cultivate UNITAS through appreciation of history and ignite school spirit. We have still more to do to attain our vision, i.e. to attain and uphold the UA&P identity.”

The plans of the USG for the second semester were brought up during the Question and Answer portion of the event. Some of these projects include: a constitutional change in the USG, the drafting of a Magna Carta for Students, and institutionalization of the Student Congress.

(c) Romar Bercasio

When Bosun asked Mich after the program what she thought the students can do to support and help the USG fulfill its goals, she answered that the students’ participation and trust is important to them. According to Mich, a rekindled trust and interest in the USG will definitely reflect the importance the students give their representing body.

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