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Squadra Dance Varsity Presents CROSSROADS

Words by: Duane Gomez

One moves forward with every decision. Some leap farther than others with the crucial choices they make. For Squadra’s annual dance concert, rightfully titled CROSSROADS, this integral theme of consequences was the focal point of each of its four stories. The production packed the Dizon Auditorium last September 22 and 23 and the crowd got a glimpse of the dance varsity outside of their typical competition routines.

The concert focused specifically on the topics of Vice, Family, Career, and Love. The first, directed by Miggy Saluta, is a story of a teenage student who is backed into a corner with the world ready to turn its back against him if he gives into his own immorality. It was set to the high-octane music of artists like Kendrick Lamar and ODESZA.

Meanwhile in “Family”, Jomari Villanueva directed an emotionally powerful story about a son’s choice between family and friends as he begins to learn who truly has his back. The third story, “Career”, directed by Duane Gomez and set to the whimsical music of PANIC! At The Disco, is about a disgruntled office worker who is fed up with his monotonous job and finally stands up to his authoritarian boss.

Finally, Carribean vibes care of Drake and Omarion’s music awaited those who watched the “Love” story directed by Joevemar Mahinay. The story explored various kinds of relationships that one experiences through a performance heavily inspired by Dancehall foundations. Ending the show with a bang, Squadra showcased their RX, NDC and MNCAA routines that garnered several accolades during their most recent season.

Squadra also invited several internationally-renowned crews and acclaimed school teams, making even the most casual of dance fans appreciate the craft more. Sharing the stage with Squadra were A-Team, The Alliance, Legit Status, Project Pax (UST), Juvenile (UST), Terpsichore (SPCP), Marist High Impact, and the SQDR Alumni.

Crossroads may have fundamentally been a dance concert, but it was able to portray several lessons in between. If there is one take-away that ties up together one’s life as a student, worker, lover, and daughter or son, it is that every decision one makes has an overarching effect on how the rest of his or her life will play out. One cigarette is all it takes to start an addiction; one man for a mutiny; one spark to ignite the flame between two people. In the same way, it is through the Squadra members’ countless nights of training, brainstorming for choreographies, blocking, and the constant struggle of balancing dance with the rest of their lives that made SQDR Crossroads so effortlessly beautiful. It is safe to say that if one asks any member of the team or the audience if it was worth the watch, the answer will be a positively resounding “Yes!”