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Spoken Word Live! In UA&P With Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

sarah and phil kaye

Have you ever had overwhelming ideas or emotions that you wanted to convey but couldn’t find the means to do so? Poetry happens to be one of the perfect avenues for self expression. Immersing ourselves in the arts is a way of relaxing and expressing ourselves at the same time. It’s one thing to write and read poetry on paper, but how about looking at it in another dimension through spoken word poetry?

Thanks to LOGOS, ABS-CBN, and Project Voice, the UA&P community will be given the rare opportunity to see and learn from Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, two renowned poets who have traveled to share the art of the spoken word from classrooms to different audiences. According to Frances Alegre, one of the project heads of the event, the team decided that it would be entitled “Rumpus” which means “to make noise.” This is aptly named since an aspect of the spoken word is to make noise and to make a statement in an emotional sense. Thus, in this event, people will be able to learn how to express themselves and their emotions better through spoken word poetry.

According to Alegre, “Spoken word poetry is the offspring of poetry and theater. Some poetry in this art form may look plain if simply read on paper but comes to life through performance.” In other words, spoken word poetry makes use of wit, storytelling, and performance art to relay an empathetic or relevant message.

This is guaranteed to be a unique experience for those who will attend. Don’t miss your chance to spend a summer afternoon to expose yourselves to a new medium of self-expression!

Photo taken by: Tanglin Trust School (http://www.tts.edu.sg/tts-foundation/activities-across-the-school-years/year-8)