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SciComm 2017 Eliminations: The A Game

Written by: Sophia Medina and Andre Rañeses

After one year without the Science Communication Effectiveness Competition (SciComm), the School of Sciences and Engineering brought back the competition last January 21, 2016 at the PLDT Hall. Attendees were grade 10 students from various schools that aim to improve their communication skills regarding different scientific ideas. After the eliminations last January 21, the finals will be held on February 18.


SciComm is the first and only competition in the Philippines that encourages Grade 10 students to aim for better communication using scientific and technological ideas. It was organized four years ago and is held annually. However, due to the recent calendar shift, the SciComm was moved to this year instead of 2016.


Since there was no SciComm last year, the project’s team, headed by Janna Pomer, was more driven to make this year a success. The event was held in PLDT Hall, where the introductions were made. The teams then split up into three different rooms for the eliminations: Case Rooms 1 and 2, as well as CAS 102. The teams took turns to present several scientific ideas. “They conveyed the ideas in a more efficient  way”, says Janna. Everything went smoothly as 9 of the teams passed the eliminations. The teams that made the cut are Clutch, Neutrino, PB&J, Siena Guardians, Spunk, sRNA, Sun and Moon, Synergy, and Zoe.


The SciComm team is inviting everyone to come and watch the finals. According to Janna, “Based on experience, people who watch SciComm usually leave the room in awe after the finals. And I’m pretty sure that those who will qualify for finals will surely bring their A game.”