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What It Really Means to Date a UA&P Student

Written by: Claudine Timola


8list has released an article on the Pros and Cons of Dating a UA&P Student (see article here- http://8list.ph/dating-uap-student/) and we’re here to tell you what and how it really is. Only then will you be able to say that you know what it truly means to romance a dragon.

  1. They won’t mind hugging, cuddling, and everything synonymous to that. But don’t expect that they’ll do it in places near UA&P where they might be seen. They mind their image (they’re a small university) around co-students and professors, whether they’re a guy or a girl.

If there is anything that UA&P students are well versed in, it is love. Whether in philosophical, biological or even economic terms, a UA&P student would know how to talk about love. Love, generally, is probably one of the most worn out themes in this world – one that people mostly write novels and make symphonies about. However, UA&P students know how to take this understanding to a higher level. They can definitely distinguish a love that is just based on mere feelings from a love that is for forever. So if you have plans of dating a UA&P student, you better be sure that you know what you’re getting into, because he would definitely not settle for a relationship that gives no more than just butterflies in his stomach.

  1.  You’ll be pretty impressed at how UA&P students juggle their time between academics and orgs.  They have concrete plans for the day, and even for the next week. That’s what you want in a relationship, someone who thinks ahead.

But sadly, even if you’re dating a UA&P student, you might actually not be in their list of priorities. You might think they’re just playing hard to get, but you’re just most likely in their “pag may time lang” list.

          Indeed, you can say that UA&P students have mastered the art of balancing life, especially between academics and organizations. To add to that, they also balance with it their spiritual, social and family life. That is why, when it comes to a UA&P student’s love life, rest assured that it will be given due attention and time as with other aspects of life. Having a solid foundation and understanding of the idea of love, a UA&P student will definitely know how to prioritize a special someone without foregoing other commitments and duties especially as a student. A UA&P student definitely knows that love is not mere pastime and so, will always know how to allocate time for that special someone.

  1. Just like everyone else, they like to have their fun at clubs and bars, and they’ll be more than happy to accept your invitation.

But, if you’re dating a UA&P girl, it’s expected that you pick her up (sometimes you don’t have to), but it’s a must that you make them hatid (including their girlfriends)—at all costs—or else expect a showdown with overprotective dad.

           It is a common (and erroneous) notion that if you are dating a UA&P girl, you are expected to fetch and drop her off at her house. Well, it is not expected and more importantly, not required. However, any person for that matter would definitely admire a guy who fetches and drops off his girl at her house. This simple gesture proves how the guy cares so much for his girl. After all, a lover would only want what is best for a loved one especially when it comes to one’s safety. The best way to ensure that is to personally fetch and drop her off at her house. You can even include her girlfriends (definitely worth more “pogi” points).

  1. Most UA&P students come from wealthy families (usually, low profile). But despite that, they’re kuripot; they won’t mind opting for cheap meals. If you’re dating a UA&P guy, then you’re in luck. If you’re dating a UA&P girl, then you’re also in luck, they won’t mind going Dutch.

Sometimes it’s not them, but their parents who decide that a relationship won’t work out. There are UA&P students with parents who are very particular about who their child is dating.

It is inevitable that parents are concerned with whom their children are dating primarily because of parental love. There might be some parents that really set standards for whom their children date, and they can’t be blamed because they only want what is best for their children. The only thing then to remember if you are dating a UA&P student is to show that you really truly love and care for the person. Once that is clear, everything else will follow. And who knows, the parents may eventually understand why their child fell for that person. After all, it is the intentions and the genuineness of love that counts.

  1. UA&P is heavy in the liberal arts. They can discuss complex subjects like Theology, Philosophy, and Renaissance Literature even while they’re driving. You’ll never run out of topics to discuss, and that’s good, right?

But if they start delving into deeper topics such as Philosophy of the Family or the Stolen Generation, then you might end up Googling under the table to keep up, so be sure to find a middle ground.

One of the distinctions of UA&P is its emphasis on liberal education. Its importance has been imbibed in every UA&P student ever since their freshman years. There is no question as to its significance – practically every UA&P student has either read or maybe even wrote an essay about it during his stay in the university. That is why we cannot deny the fact that UA&P students are very much acquainted with a lot of subjects whether it be philosophy, literature, theology and so on. In fact, a UA&P student takes pride in his being a “jack of all trades and a master of one.” However, being equipped with this knowledge does not mean that UA&P students are hard to have a conversation with. Contrary to it, such knowledge can even be used as a conversation starter. In fact, students are taught these subjects to teach and inform other people about it. It was never meant to be a dividing line, but a unifying one.

  1. Jeepneys and trikes aren’t allowed around the grounds of UA&P, but the good news is that it can be walked. Problem is, a good number of UA&P girls (and even some guys) don’t know how to commute or might not be even allowed by their parents. Having a car is a necessity, not absolutely, but it’s best to bring one when you’re picking up your UA&P girl.

Don’t own a car? Some UA&P girls won’t mind (although their parents might). If you find that girl, then you’re off to a good start but to a lot, it will be an issue. Just hope love wins.

It is true that a lot of UA&P students come from rich and well-off families. Most of these students, however, choose to keep a low profile in the university. Moreover, being raised in such families does not impede the proper understanding of the idea of love. A UA&P student, being well-informed with the notion of love through liberal education, knows how to love unconditionally. Love transcends anything, and a true relationship based on love will go beyond mere material things. A UA&P student would learn to love a person not because of the externalities whether it be the riches or looks, but because of what is on the inside.As cliche as it may sound, a pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart. So if you are dating a UA&P student, place confidence in their ability to love you wholly for who and what you are, and those externalities would not really matter.

  1. Most UA&P students are sharp dressers, may it be casual or corporate. Signature bags, shoes, and expensive watches are a common sight. It’s not because they’re making pa-porma, it’s just how it is, though the obvious source is dad and mom of course.

No, they won’t allow you to wear those shirts with a silly slogan beside them. They will take time choosing your clothes. Though some don’t really give a damn, find those people in UA&P and you got yourself a keeper.

It is unavoidable that UA&P students see the CAS ledge and even the entire school as a fashion runway. As the general saying goes, “dress to impress”, and even the dress code will not stop the students from showcasing their fashion sense. At first, it may seem as a restriction to express oneself through their clothing. However, once a student understands the essence of the need for a dress code, one realizes that it is actually a way of showcasing professionalism in the university.  In fact, UA&P students have become experts in dressing up modestly and properly with style. For a UA&P student, dressing up is not just about showing off one’s signature clothes. Rather, it is about a dignified way of presenting oneself.

1.The heartthrobs in UA&P are usually religious. They always attend the mass during lunch before actually eating. They pass by the chapel the moment they arrive and leave the university, they have commitment, and that’s the most important thing, right?

So you might want to start re-building your faith and what better way to do that? Ask your UA&P guy or girl to blaze a trail for you; it’s the best way to bond with each other — and God.

Whether you are dating a heartthrob or not, one must always keep in mind that a relationship must consistently lead both of them closer to God. A UA&P student knows that beyond all the sparks, “kilig” and sweet things, a true and lasting relationship is one that inspires and transforms both of them into better individuals. Most importantly, it must lead to God as a relationship will become more fruitful this way.

Well, you’re on your own now. Practice utmost prudence when dating a UA&P student and it’ll totally work out, hopefully. Keep in mind, things can change really fast, adapt and conquer accordingly.

These are just some of the many things that you need to keep in mind when you are dating a UA&P student. You may use it as a guide, but there’s no need to strictly conform yourself to it. As in all relationships, you just need to be true to yourself and to what you feel. After all, true love must be real, and free of all pretenses.UA&P-date3

Illustrations by Cathy Lee