Portraits – A Video Series

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Words By Pat Cabatay, Cathy Zamora, and Ave Merencillo

Books are like Portraits

College is a time for self-discovery. Through the friends we make and the subjects that we take, we are exposed to different kinds of people and to different aspects of society, which can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and of the world.

It is also the opportunity for us to hone our skills and, along the way, learn how to think for ourselves. And when we leave college, we take away different experiences and goals, which are all reflective of what we have come to learn and value.

What can be a better portrait of what we’ve come to learn and value in college other than the books we loved during this time?

The Schools Section of the Bosun is releasing the first in the series of video interviews with UA&P alumni wherein they share the books they enjoyed during their college years. We start with the College of Arts and Sciences: Humanities– Sir Philip Peckson, graduate of batch ‘08 was excited to tell us about one of his all-time favorite reads, a non-fiction work by Jacques Barzun. Just like what many of us experience, Sir Philip considers it one of those books that he loves because he read it at the right time in his life. According to Sir Philip, this book enriched his learning experience by helping him appreciate his CAS subjects and see the importance of critical thinking.

“What were your favorite CAS and major subjects, and why?”

“You know in CAS, it must have been ethics…That’s when I understood philosophy. Prior to that, in the earlier Philo classes…it was all a fog to me. And this happens to many students. Suddenly – third year – things began to click.”

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