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PHAROSxBOSUN: “Here’s What They SED!” Week 1

In celebration of the SED Foundation month, The Bosun Schools section in collaboration with Pharos presents “Here’s What They SED”. This week we hear Sydney Go and JoPon Mangalile’s SED stories.

Photo by Lyssa Cio

Sydney Go, Photo by Lyssa Cio

  I chose to take CDE in this University because I believe that this school can shape me to become the best version of myself as well as train me to become the best in my chosen field. For me, my course means helping and teaching children to become better people. At the same time, it helps me understand the situation of other children. Educating individuals is appealing to me because the process helps me, at the same time this gives me a chance to educate others who are in need of education. Every moment that I have with my class is something very memorable to me. I love my class because they’re all very supportive and nice even though we’ve only known each other for like a month now. Every time that we would get dismissed earlier than our time, we would share different stories like what we did during the weekend and laugh at each other. I believe that those small moments can be part of your memories in college.

 Since it’s just the beginning of the school year for me, there aren’t that many activities from Pharos yet. However, the first activity that I have attended was the General Assembly where we got to meet some of the other people in SED. I enjoyed the GA because they were all friendly and they made us feel so welcome since it’s our first year in a different school.

So far, the activities in our org gave us motivation to study well and that if we participate in class and do well or try hard enough, college won’t be as hard as we thought it will be. The advice that they gave helped us adjust to our new environment.  If there is one thing that I learned from my course, it is knowing that I’ll get the opportunity to help others with their problems in the future especially children with special cases because I want to make a difference.

Photo by: Lyssa Cio

JoPon Mangalile, Photo by: Lyssa Cio

Last Monday, I attended the first Coffee Session of Pharos this school year. There was a talk on post-graduate life. I learned a lot from the speaker on how to cope up [with life] after college because literally we’re back to square one. I learned that it’s okay if you still don’t have a path after college but what’s more important is you’re finding ways to discover what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. This event motivated me to strive harder in my academics and to be more active in Pharos. Partaking in the org’s activities helped me to be more active in our organization and it also helped to be more concerned of what is happening inside the organization. Lastly, it also made me more interested in my course.

 My first choice was actually Media & Entertainment Management but after a year, I realized that I didn’t see myself in that course. I’ve always wanted to take Psychology. My friends told me that HCD is like a Psychology course in UA&P. After a year, I decided to shift to HCD. Thankfully, I made that choice because I am enjoying it right now and I feel like I fit in this course. A major subject that I took for my course last summer was one of my memorable experiences so far. The class was Human Resource Function in Organization under Ms. Tippy Benitez. It was memorable for me because it’s all about learning and practicing techniques that you will undergo in a workplace. All the activities that we did were fun and at the same time it was related to what we’re going to do in the future. I would say that HCD focuses on people. However, it is not just about dealing with people or getting them to like you. HCD is about bringing the best out of the people. It’s about motivating and guiding them to work efficiently and effectively. It’s also about helping them to invest their human capital, to help & manage them in their performance at work, and especially to bring out their best potential so that they can contribute to the workplace. The thing about education that is so appealing is that you get to teach people new ways and lessons in their lives. It is such a good feeling when you know you made an impact on another person’s life whether it may be big or small.