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Pecha Kucha 2015: The Highlights of a Night of Fighting the Dark Side

[Written by Kristina Garcia & Pia Medina; Photos taken by Micah Buela and Pia Medina]

Last Friday night was the most-awaited Communitas event of the year, the Pecha Kucha. The LSG auditorium was fully packed with Star Wars enthusiasts who warmly welcomed another exciting battle of wits and creativity. With this year’s sci-fi theme, all the blocks under the School of Communication were challenged to send in their best representative who would show his or her best presentation skills and compete for the title of the Pecha Kucha Champion.

This year’s theme was inspired with anticipation of the new installment of the epic Star Wars series which would be released later this month. All Communitas students from first to fourth year grabbed their light sabers, donned their best Star Wars-inspired ensemble, and brought in their special dash of witty humor. To relive this thrilling experience, here are the highlights of the night:

  1.     The showstopping entrances

To set the mood for the event, the students of Communitas came up with creative and entertaining entrances. Amidst the cheers and hoots of the crowd, each representative battled it out with their with lightsabers; either showing off their lightsaber-wielding skills or surprising the audience with their entrance by doing backflips or insanely hilarious antics that got the crowd up on their feet.


  1.         All Stars Comeback

The judges–Ms. Shirin Ramos, Mr. Armin Narciso, Ms.Kathleen Francisco, and Mr. Daryll Patco–came  back for a short homecoming to judge the galactic Zen presentations. These judges made a name in the Communitas community both outside and inside the University. These presentations are characterized by ten-second timed slides, no looking back, and using given image slides such as the mangosteen, the dancer, and the lightsaber chopsticks.

  1.   Battle of the Wits

The competition would not be complete without a heavy dose of clever remarks and humorous pop culture memes whether it would be food, a cup of coffee, political, and/or media personalities. This battle depicted the ability of the representatives to make use of puns and incorporated them into making splendid stories that explained the slides they flashed on the screen. While keeping their character in check, they made sure to add a hint of their various personalities into their presentations. Their original speeches got the judges and the audience pleased and amazed.

  1.       The Fours of the SCM Galaxy

Pecha Kucha is never complete without the emphasis of the four pillars of communication–obsessively creative, passionately human, keenly strategic, and insanely truthful. Throughout the whole event, these were present not only in the Zen presentations but also in the contenders themselves. They displayed creativity through their personalities and presentations, presented with keen strategy in mind, showed what it means to be human by discussing flaws and displaying emotions, and told the truth on what lies beyond the dark side.


  1.  Freshmen Step Up

Despite being first-timers, the freshmen also made good impressions on the judges and the audience. Joebacca (Jose Palabyab)  impressed them with his articulate storytelling ability and Asajj Ven-tress (Seleen Simora)  with her charismatic humor, and Roda (Rosh Roshan Uttamchandani) with his clear presentation. There may have been technical difficulties but Jedi Masters, Jashoka (Jash Jacinto)  and Comm Juan Kenobi (Troy Jose) were able to push through.

  1.      Seniors give it their last shot

Communitas seniors gave it their all by showing what they were made off and sharing the story of their humble beginnings in UA&P into their presentations. They stepped up the game by being natural and being downright phenomenal. Each senior student took the stage by storm by dazzling the audience with their confident and eloquent presentations. They are experts in this field as shown in their brilliant word play and acronyms of the four pillars.  Clearly, they were ready and the stage has become one of their comfort zones.  

  1.        Fight the dark side: Focus


What is this dark side that they talk about? Most of us are familiar with the dark side as the force that spurs negative emotions amongst the people in the galaxy like fear, anger, and hate. It’s the same concept for this event. They tried to emphasize the need to focus on morals and the purpose to counteract the negative factors that affect modern society,namely, the everyday obstacles that could lead us to the dark side and prevent us from performing the best we could. Examples are the distractions from our studies, the media dictating what we are supposed to be, and the miscommunication amongst ourselves.  

“Focus on the good…focus on the morals…use the fours to become better people.”- Jash Jacinto as Jashoka

  1.    The Champion among the Jedi Masters

The night commenced with the awarding ceremony. The Best Block Attendance also known as the Han Solo No More Award was given to 4SCL, while the Luking Great Skywalker or the Best Costume as a Block award , was given to 2COMM2. Other awards consisted of the following:

– The Best Marketing Effort or the Best Intergalactic Transmission Award  was awarded to 3SCL

– Yoda People’s Choice or the People’s Choice was awarded to Joey Barreiro  also known as Chewbearka

The most awaited portion of the awarding ceremony was the announcement of the top four winners of the competition. The third runner-up was Rapha Nava of 4SDL as Navakin Slytalker.  The second runner- up was Ina Teano of 4SEL as Queen Inadala, while the first runner-up was Jek San Juan of 3SEL as Obi Wan. Last but not the least was the champion of Pecha Kucha: “Jedi Master” Joey Barreiro of 3SCL as Chewbearka.

Photo retrieved from https://www.facebook.com/Communitas.SCM/photos/pb.409260669125194.-2207520000.1449408230./1239713496079903/?type=3&theater

Photo retrieved from https://www.facebook.com/Communitas.SCM/photos/pb.409260669125194.-2207520000.1449408230./1239713496079903/?type=3&theater

Joey Barreiro was complimented and admired by both the judges and the audience for his wonderful and inspiring presentation that exemplified his skills as a good communicator. He spoke in front with confidence and shared a story that captured the audience’s attention. Joey Barreiro focused on his struggles and how he responded and how he overcame them.  He presented different acronyms of SCM such as S-et goal, C-ommitment, M-istakes.  But what probably caught everyone’s attention was when he said that S-truggle, C-reates , M-e.

Everyone was brilliant and deserving of due recognition. They excelled in showing what a good communicator is and has set the bar to a higher level.

There is truly more to take home from the night of lightsabers, laughs, cheers, and Star Wars personas of this year’s Pecha Kucha. The unitas spirit lives in all of us, which was especially manifested in the fours of Communitas, to battle the dark side of our daily lives. We all have our dark side to battle outside the SCM galaxy, so take up your lightsabers and may the fours be with you.