Other Student Groups

 Peer Facies LogoPeer Facilitators Group
The Center for Student Affairs – Department of Student Mentoring, Guidance and Counseling trains students to become peer facilitators — emotionally mature students whom you can turn to for friendly advice and support. If you’re up to it, you can become a peer facilitator yourself by joining the Peer Facilitators Program, which provides you with training on basic counseling, facilitating, and other interpersonal skills.

UA&P Chorale LogoUA&P Chorale
The University of Asia and the Pacific Chorale (est. 1995) is the University’s resident choral ensemble, which aims to continue developing a varied and progressive repertoire of sacred and secular music. Over the past years, the UA&P Chorale has produced numerous major concerts and performs regularly at University events, choral festivals, and other singing engagements. It has also competed and won in local, national and international competitions and produced a CD album, entitled “ONE.”

Drumline LogoUA&P Drumline
The UA&P Drumline is all about promoting UNITAS and school spirit. This dedicated group of percussionists lifts the morale of our athletes during their games, and supports their fellow students during school events. With their roaring shouts and heart-stopping beats, they inspire everyone to be one in support of our alma mater and the students who represent it.

Squadra Logo
Squadra (Dance Varsity)

Firestarters Logo
Firestarters (Cheerleading Squad)