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One Love: More Than a Feeling

Photo taken by Samuel Caneja

Photo taken by Samuel Caneja

Words by Gabriel Abit and Samuel Caneja

Last night, the ALB pond was turned to a spectacle of music, love, and hope. One Love, Reverb Music Production’s biggest and much-awaited event of the year was indeed a success, a night to remember to all those who went and shared the momentous event. Not only did the organization aim to give the UA&P students an unforgettable Valentine’s concert; One Love was also a vessel of blessing, as the portion of the proceeds will go to “Project: Brave Kids,” a foundation whose purpose is to combat childhood cancer.  

Photo credits: Alyssa Barretto

Photo credits: Alyssa Barretto

The night kicked off with the first performance of Dani Faustino who left the audience in awe of her performance of Halo by Beyonce and All I Ask by Adele. It was then followed suitly by the introduction of the event’s hosts, Aica Dacuno and Dominic Ganas. The two hosts would talk about analogies of love to the crowd, which the crowd would relate to whether it be an analogy of being lost, afraid of falling in love, moving-on, or madly falling in love with someone. These analogies would be presented through the colors blue, purple, pink, and red, respectively. After every analogy, the hosts would introduce the next performer.


Following Dani Faustino’s performance, the second performer was none other than Reverb’s mellow performer Isa Mendoza, who sang Loving You by Minnie Riperton and Sundo by Imago. She was then followed up by Ken Kawachi, One Love’s third performer. Ken Kawachi strayed away from the usual Pop and RnB love songs and showed the whole audience that there were great love songs in the Rock genre. He performed Creep by Radiohead and R u mine by Arctic Monkeys.   


Alex Gallegos, the fourth performer, set the mellow mood right back again by singing Thinking bout You by Frank Ocean and Crazy by Ceelo Green. Rafael Colet III’s performance definitely compelled the crowd to reminisce and recollect their memories; his version of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” and his second song “Open Arms” by The Journey felt like a sweet embrace to the audience. After the performances of five great artists, an intermission performance was given by Mai Bayot, a 6YP student, who performed Treasure by Bruno Mars and Martti Franca, an alumnus of UA&P, who sang Alone and X Times the Charm, two of his original songs.


On to the second set of performers, we had Johanna Pupos who had a powerful performance by singing The One That Got Away by Katy Perry and Skyfall by Adele. The hype brought by Johanna’s powerful performance was further augmented by Irene Garcia’s soulful rendition of Too little too late by JoJo and California King Bed by Rihanna . The momentum of performances and the energy of the audience continued to escalate even until it was Jaime Calabig’s turn to perform.   


Jaime Calabig, the next performer, knew how to sway the crowd with his funky and emotional endearing performance of Rock With You by Michael Jackson and I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith, respectively. The crowd sang their hearts out as Jaime skillfully pulled off the high notes. In an interview, he said that:

“It was amazing seeing everyone waving lights in the air and singing along with me during my set. I felt like I was performing with the crowd and not for the crowd. The combination of nervousness, adrenaline, and passion is the recipe for a memorable night and this is one concert I wish I could relive over and over again”  

To cap off the event, Erickson Amores first sang a few verses of The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script. He then sang Only one by Kanye West and Boston by Augustana. The final performer was already anticipated by the students especially those who are in their junior and senior year. Seeing him perform is one of the many things that we always expect from Reverb. His journey as a performer was an undeniable part of our journey as listeners. All throughout the years, he has become a hallmark of the organization and its endeavors. Though this his last time performing, his trademark of rock and roll will always reverberates to the avid goers of Reverb concerts. After his emotional and passionate performance, he is then accompanied by the earlier artists to sing one last song, which is Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

© Erickson Amores’ Facebook post

© Erickson Amores’ Facebook pos

When asked on what did he feel and what were the thoughts resonating in his mind during his final performance he said, “As I was performing on stage I was feeling a lot of emotions. Emotions from the band, emotions from the people listening and my own emotions, knowing that this will be my last big event in UA&P. I am in love with the feeling I get every time i perform in front of a big crowd, especially when I see them really listening, it gives me energy and it gives me the drive to perform better.  It is always a pleasure performing in front of the UA&P crowd, it felt amazing, it felt as if everyone is connected through music.”

Erratum: The original release of this article indicated “Ina Faustino ” as the first performer, which should have been “Dani Faustino.” The mistake was duly corrected as of 10:30 PM, February 12, 2018.