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Introducing U-APP: UA&P’s Official Mobile Application

Article by John Derrick Lim

With posters and teasers on the upcoming university app posted around the school campus, students were left wondering what special features awaited them on the app’s release. Here at The Bosun, we were able to meet with Baxter Hernandez, the fourth-year EM student behind U-APP—the official application of the university. Here’s a small preview of what students can expect from the app’s release.

Daily Dragon

In this section, students and employees can be informed of recent news and official issuances concerning the university. This section is directly sourced from the university’s official publication—news.uap.asia.

  Phone book

Phone book serves as the university’s phone directory. Here, students and staff can easily refer to this section for reference on each office’s local number in addition to other contact information.


The Bosun

Being the official student publication of the university, The Bosun plays an integral role in connecting the student body. In this section, students can easily access relevant news, captivating opinions, sports updates, and feature articles authored by students of the university.


This section of the app aims to simplify the room reservation processes which make it easier for students and teachers to reserve venues for classes, events, and other school related activities.


This section of the app features every organization of the university. Baxter described it as a bulletin board where student organizations can post photos, news, promotions, and other announcements which aim to increase exposure and participation of the entire student body.


Photos and Videos

In addition to the other sections, the app also features a gallery dedicated to photos and videos of the numerous events happening in and out of the university. From conferences, all the way to inter-university competitions, photos of these events may be viewed here.

Other features

According to Baxter, other features are still a work in progress. However, in the future updates of the app, students can expect their web campus accounts to be synced to the app enabling access to schedule, grades, and curriculum.


Baxter and his team hopes to release the app this coming February on iOS. Nevertheless, he hopes to work on Android compatibility depending on the success of the iOS app.


The Man Behind U-APP

Meet Baxter Hernandez, the brains behind UA&P’s upcoming official app, U-APP. Currently a fourth-year EM student in the university, Baxter sought to deviate from traditional EM business startups such as trading, retail, wholesale, etc. Inspired by prominent entrepreneurial icons such as Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel, it had been his passion to create an impact on people’s lives by creating a sustainable business. However, he shared that creating an app was the last idea he thought of going into because initially, he planned on creating a company which delved into energy. Unfortunately, he found the capital necessary for the idea to be too high.

With this in mind, he and a group of friends conceptualized the idea for a university app, and it was not long before he decided to turn the concept into a reality. Little did he know however, that the process was no “stroll in the park”. In fact, the first time he pitched the idea to the ICT office, the heads were not fully convinced, but that did not stop him. Starting from scratch, he created mock-ups on MS Paint—Windows’ basic drawing program, which he later forwarded to a local designer. Weeks passed, he was pleased to hear updates from the ICT telling him to proceed with the concept.

Nonetheless, even after the approval, Baxter still faced numerous difficulties which prominently included criticisms from the numerous professors in the university as part of the EM curriculum’s panel defenses. However, among all the trials and tribulations, he mentioned that the biggest obstacle he had to overcome was himself. He shared that despite all the support from friends and family, there were times when his doubt would consume his confidence which prevented him from proceeding with development.

Having made it this far into developing the app, Baxter stands as one of the most distinct EM students with high hopes and far-reaching dreams. He serves as an inspiration and role-model, not only to EM students but to all future aspirants who wish to follow in his footsteps. As his final remark, he shared a few words of wisdom:

“For those who have crazy ideas and are afraid to be judged, trust in yourself; don’t be afraid to fail. Take an educated risk and go for it!”

To receive updates on the app’s development, please proceed to U-APP’s social media pages:

Facebook: U-APP
Twitter and IG: @uap_app