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“Creative Conversations”

[Words by: Joshua Espina]

The School of Communications prides itself for its prowess in producing excellent future media practitioners. With this in mind, Communitas, its academic organization, made efforts to share their knowledge with the student body. Thus the concept of Creative Conversations was born.

Formerly known as Creative Mornings, Communitas invites professional speakers from outside the university to give talks on a wide range of topics such as marketing, advertising, design, branding, etc. The Creative Director of Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Biboy Royong, Brand Ontologist Gov Daswani and Product Designer Dae Lee were some of last year’s Creative Conversations speakers.

The main objective of the talk is to create a casual and conversational atmosphere that calls for student engagement and interest giving students a learning experience outside the four walls of their classrooms and their required curriculum. According to Ruzella Confiado, one of the project heads of the event, UA&P students can expect this year’s Creative Conversations to be big as they have great speakers in store for everyone who will give fresh perspectives on the practice of Creative and Critical Thinking.

The series of talks starts this coming Wednesday, September 27, at ACB 401 from 12 to 2PM. Through this event, Communitas is giving both SCM and non-SCM students the opportunity to be exposed to the “greats” of the creative industry as well as different ways on how to better express their creativity in various fields.

Poster provided by Communitas