Civic-Oriented Organizations

Catalyst LogoCatalyst
Catalyst is the outreach, advocacy, and leadership organization of the University of Asia and the Pacific. It aims to provide UA&P students with opportunities to participate in meaningful service projects that uplift the economic, moral and intellectual status of individuals, communities and sectors of Philippine society most in need. True to its name, Catalyst encourages its members to be agents of positive change in society.

ER+GO is an organization initiated by UA&P students that aims to educate and encourage the youth to care for the environment, and to provide opportunities for people to actively create solutions for the benefit of the environment.

Sabio LogoSabio
Sabio is the official organization of UA&P scholars. Its members aspire to live the ideals of academic excellence, friendship and personal and social responsibility. Sabio, in Spanish, means “wise” or “learned”. This term describes what the University’s scholars must be: students who strive to achieve academically and to become an active part of the University by helping other students and prospective scholars in their human, cultural and professional formation. The organization’s motto is the Latin word “Possumus,” which means “We can!”