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Change Starts with You: UA&P Joins The 2030 Project

Words by: Samuel Ephraim Caneja

Last September 17, at the Children’s Heart Auditorium, Philippine Heart Institution, Quezon City, the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) with its student organizations such as the Enterprise Management Association (EMA), and the University Student Government (USG) with its committees; the Project Management Team (PMT), Media Management Commitee (MMC), Merchandising Committee (Merch), and UA&P H.O.P.E.S. were privileged to take part in The 2030 Project, Leaders Unite Seminar. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a list of goals, seventeen in total, that the United Nations (UN) plan to achieve by 2030; hence the name, The 2030 Project. The seminar dealt with the different SDG’s such as ending poverty, attaining quality education, taking on climate action, conserving and protecting marine life, and eradicating hunger. In the seminar, each participant was also compelled to become an effective leader to his or her community.


The participants of The 2030 Project with Gina Lopez. © the2030project.org.ph

The seminar included several keynote speakers such as Gina Lopez, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Chique Escareal-Go, George Barcelon, Prim Paypon, Aya Fernandez and many more. Each one of the speakers had their own advocacy in line with the SDGs, shared their expertise about it and encouraged the audience to take a stand with them. All the speakers have one driving point for the audience to take home and that is, “You could make an impact in your community despite how small or big it is because real change starts with you.”

In an interview with JM Serica, a participant of the event and a representative of the Enterprise Management Association (EMA), he said, “This talk inspired me to strive harder as an individual, to be morally responsible and aware of the experiences of others.”


JM Serica from the Enterprise Management Association (EMA) during the open forum. © the2030project.org.ph

Gabbie Reyes, who represented EMA as well said, “Project 2030 encouraged us to find innovative ways of doing our part in achieving the SDGs considering not only the individuals but society and the environment as a whole.”

Michelle Garcia, the Student Interest Groups Officer of the University Student Government said, “The 2030 Project made USG fully understand the 17 SDGs through the enlightening speakers with their respective advocacies. This conference also encouraged your USG to connect with these inspiring individuals and partner with their start-ups.”

In summary, The 2030 Project was a seminar that brought out the inner leader of every participant including the young dragon leaders. At the same time, it made them aware and sensitive of the pressing matters in today’s society. Seminars like The 2030 Project are vital for our student leaders because it equipped them with vital information on how to tackle each problem that society is facing, and it built up the potential of each student so that they may become an effective leader in both their organizations and their communities in the future.


The hyped participants of The 2030 Project. © the2030project.org.ph