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Building a Home Away from Home

Words by: Aurelio Banzon

Home is a special place for it is where our families are. It is where we can navigate our way towards our refrigerator with our eyes closed, where we can dress however we want to, and where everyone is no stranger to us. Leaving our homes for a good amount of time is undeniably difficult as there will always be a longing in us for everything that a home is. The thought that we find our home in the place where we find our hearts is truly comforting.

Sometimes, a dragon has to leave his lair for the sake of attaining a priceless jewel – in the case of a UA&P student, he has to leave his home to obtain a quality education. Thus, his story moves to a new setting.

Living in a dorm is just another chapter that can happen in a student’s life.  If in the past, dormers had to write to their parents then wait for a few days to get a reply, dormers now have the technology to reach their families in an instant. Dormers of the previous generation agreed that dormitory policies before were more strict than today’s, especially now that students can own or rent their own condo units and can come up with their own set of rules and routines. However, the essential experiences of living in a dorm don’t change: same readings, same subjects, same struggles, and same learnings.

Dorming is a lengthy process of getting used to things. It is challenging for there are no parents and no yaya to wake one up, there is the absence of a pantry filled with love, and seriously there is the budget the dormer has to live by: nothing like the home he had to leave.  Gone are the presence of his family, the conveniences, and the familiarities.

But to make a dorm feel like home, all one needs to do is to find a family that can fill it. It is truly an arduous challenge for a student to leave the home he grew up loving, but leaving it paves the way for him to meet new people who will play a significant role in his life. Night-outs or study dates with his friends somehow make it easier for the student to adjust. Watching ROC’s or ViARE’s night screenings, making a quick run to have coffee, and pulling off all-nighters together are just a few glorious moments with his friends that a dormer can add to this chapter of his student life. And more than the friends one makes at school, there are also other people he will build quality relationships with such as his professors, mentors, and even staff who will guide and look after him as if they were his guardians. It is a family found in UA&P that makes a dorm feel like home.

After all, we are not limited to having just one home. We can have a home both in where we grew up and in a dorm. Home is where we choose to have it it is where our hearts are. The thought of building a home away from our family could be unsettling, but we will never know what and who awaits us unless we take the risk of going on our own and finding these people who will make our odyssey remarkably beautiful a journey shared with a new family that we will carry in our hearts for the next chapters of our lives.