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3 Things We Learned From Creative Conversations with Mr. Guerrero

Words by: Joshua Espina

People may have a difficult time in understanding how much work is put into something because all they see are the results given the fast-paced life. What they don’t usually see are the masterminds and the hard work these people put in. Last October 25, Communitas’ Creative Conversations invited a man who understands what it means to produce quality work, Mr. David Guerrero.

Photo from Communitas, (c) Tim Eugenio

Photo from Communitas, (c) Tim Eugenio

David Guerrero is the Creative Chairman of one of the best advertising agencies in the Philippines, BBDO Guerrero. His company is the first local agency to be ranked among the world’s top 50 agencies in the “Gunn Report”, which is a ranking of creative agencies around the world. It also won the title “Agency of the Year” during last year’s Kidlat Awards.

Mr. Guerrero shared his agency’s philosophy, “The Work. The Work. The Work.” , which means that effective creativity of the output is the only thing that matters. Here are three things that Mr. Guerrero shared with everyone on the second session of SCM’s Creative Conversations:

  •       Invest in establishing long-lasting relationships

Relationships matter – it’s not only about the success or the end result but more importantly the relationships that you establish with your co-workers or colleagues along the way. In any organization, trust is integral. The quality of work that is produced usually shows and translates the synergy found within the company and the stakeholders involved. You have to make sure you’re in an environment where good work can happen, and that starts by surrounding yourself with people who share the same vision.

  1.   Learn how to creatively present your ideas or information

In the end, big data is just information until you put creative fillers on it. Information is so rampant and accessible these days; it’s free, it’s instant, it’s enormous in amount. So the task of finding that important needle in this haystack of data is incredibly difficult. If you use your creativity right and you’re strategic in your thinking, you have the capacity to humanize the data, to pick out what resonates, and to develop something that goes beyond the numbers and stands out from the clutter. People want to experience—we shouldn’t throw away what we used to know how to do.

  1.    There’s no fixed path to a successful campaign

Mr. Guerrero showed different campaigns and every one of them had unique elements and distinct storylines, but the impact in each was clearly evident. This proves that there’s no exact step-by-step process you need to follow to get it right. There are millions of ways to get amazing insights or fantastic ideas. Find different sources of inspirations from your workplace, your drive or commute home, or even mundane activities. When it comes to creating advertising content, there should be more focus on searching for ways to make the work better instead of looking at what’s wrong. Always ask the right questions.

Photo from Communitas, (c) Tim Eugenio

Photo from Communitas, (c) Tim Eugenio

Mr. Guerrero’s key principle of doing his best by producing outstanding creative advertisements stems from both capturing the people’s emotions and the long-lasting relationships he creates with his agency and its clients. Lastly, he talked about experience being one of the most important assets when it comes to creative output. Going through different jobs, experiencing things for the first time and traveling are all essential to fresh perspectives. Creating new and unique advertisements starts with going out there and experiencing the world. In light of this, whether you are creating content or not, it’s always important to seek experiences that will give you new perspectives. Not only do experiences help you learn more about the world, but they also help you learn more about yourself.